Learn to Skate

So you or your child wants to learn to skate.  Well, you have come to the right place.  The Fort Myers Image result for ice skating instituteSkatium offers lessons to skaters of all ages and abilities.  There are two options to learn how to skate:

  • Group Lessons
  • Private Lessons

Group Lessons are taught by a professional ice skating coach with a group of skaters about the same skating ability.  It provides the skater with key fundamentals at the best value.  It is also designed to help skaters move through whichever path they choose to follower, whether it’s figures skating or hockey.

Private Lessons are also taught by a professional ice skate coach with only one skater to allow for a much more personalized class.  It is a great complement to the learn to skate group class.  Private lessons can greatly increase progress of skating fundamentals.  Private lessons are required for those skaters wishing to compete individually.