New Skater Tips

Tips For Your First Skating Class

  1. Wear long pants, skating dress or apparel, sweatshirt or jacket and gloves. Average temperature is 52 degrees.
  2. Helmets are mandatory for all Tot and Hockey Classes.
  3. Do not wear thick socks.  Thin socks or tights will provide a better fit.  Skates usually fit one to one and a half size smaller than your shoe size.
  4. Skates should be tied snug from the bottom lace to the middle and then a little looser from the bottom hook to the top hook.  You should be able to fit two fingers down between the tongue and the sock after full lacing.  Laces should wrap around the hook starting over the top of the hook first and then under. This keeps the tension on  the hooks.  Do not wrap excess laces around the boot, repeat wrapping the laces around the hooks.
  5. Tie skate laces in a double bow, then tuck laces into the top of the boot.
  6. If you own your own skates, we recommend you use our skate sharpener so that the blade is sharpened to the correct depth and radius for figure or hockey skates. Skates should be sharpened after approximately 10-20 hours of skating time.  Wearing guards when off the ice, as well as wiping the blade with a drying cloth, will prolong the life of the sharpening. Running the blade under tap water before wiping it off will prevent condensation from forming on the blade.
  7. There is no eating, drinking or gum chewing on the ice.
  8. Parents or relatives are not allowed on the ice or in the players bench at any time during classes. This rule will be strictly enforced. Also we ask parents to please take a seat in the bleachers or snack bar area, and do not stand at the doorway to the ice, coaching your child.
  9. Skaters must leave the ice immediately upon the completion of the class.  This rule will be strictly enforced to guarantee safety as the Zamboni resurfaces the ice.
  10. If you have rental skates, helmet , gloves, or hockey equipment, please return these immediately upon completion of the class.  Please tuck your laces in your skates.

Parent Tips For Your First Skating Class

  1. Parents are not allowed on the ice surface, in the player’s bench or at the doorway to the ice. This is due to our insurance safety regulations and the fact that  your child will learn better if a parent is not too visible. The snack bar area has a great viewing lounge, as does are rink seating area.
  2. If your child cries, try to let our coaching staff deal with the problem. If the problem becomes too much for our staff, we will come or send an assistant to get you to help with the situation.
  3. The first skill your child will learn is to fall down and get up properly.  Falling down comes quite naturally, but getting up is more difficult  task.  Be patient and remember all youngsters crawled before they learned to walk.
  4. Remember all children progress at a different pace. Don’t compare your child to another.
  5. Please check the bulletin board located in the lobby hallway area for important news, cancellations, make-ups or anything pertaining to Learn to Skate or other skating news. Check our website for all your skating needs at
  6. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask your child’s coach, after class, not during, or contact the skating director. You may also phone 239-321-7516 or email the director or coaches at
  7. Don’t forget to return your skates to the skate rental counter, with the laces tucked in.
  8. Encourage your child and use your free skating passes to come to practice.
  9. Skaters must ask their coach for permission to leave the ice for any reason. This is a safety procedure for your child