The most exciting part about learning how to skate is being able to show off those skills.  The Skatium typically offers recitals and competitions throughout the year.  Most years we offer two ISI competitions  and one USFS competition.

This year the Fort Myers Skatium was selected at the home of the 2017 District 18 Championships.  It will be held November 17-19.  For more information on the 2017 District 18 Championships, click here.

ISI In House Autumn Cup (September)

  • For more information on the Autumn Cup, click here

ISI Invitational Spring Skatefest (April)

  • For more information on the Spring Skatefest, click here

USFS Invitational-Summer Chiller (June 23-25 2018) THE 2017 SUMMER CHILLER HAS BEEN CANCELLED

  • For more information on the summer chiller click here