2017 ISI District 18 Competition Information

The Fort Myers Skatium proudly hosts the 2017 ISI District 18 Competition.  It will be held January 20-22, 2017 and is open to any ISI registered skater.  The deadline is December 20, 2016.  The competition packet is located here.  Applications for individual, team and dance events can be found by clicking the link as well as within the packet.  We will post event hotels, and schedules as they become available.  Please continue checking back for more information as it becomes available.  We hope to see you here in January.

At the request of our skaters we have created some new and fun events for this competition.  All of them will receive team points.  They are all $10 per skater per event and can be found on the individual event application.  They are as follows:

Team Interpretive

Same rules as normal interpretive with the addition of unison.  It is open to groups of 3-6 skaters.  At registration the skaters will be able to pick from a selection of music and will have until the event (Saturday evening or Sunday depending on the competition size) to work on their routine.  NO help from coaches is allowed; this is made to be a run event to give skaters a chance to work together and give them something to do during their free time.  This event is open to all levels but skaters will be grouped by level.


Sit Spin Competition

Skaters will perform a sit change sit, change sit, etc until only one skaters is left spinning. Skaters must remain in a sitting position.  This event is open to skaters or all levels.

Jump Competition

Skaters will perform the selected jump in a row with no steps between.  Low-Bunny Hops (Pre-Alpha-Delta) Jumps, Medium-Waltz (Freestyle 1-3), Intermediate-Loop Jumps (Freestyle 4-5), High-Axels (Freestyle 6-10)